It has begun!

So my writing for YOKKAO is now underway! I am officially a member of the team. It is funny, there is a mindset change that needs to happen. I get the feeling that I am still a ‘fan’ of them and that I am writing for them as me but I aren’t.

I am now a member of the team and need to wrap my head around that. Write as a member of YOKKAO and not as Dom the blogger. Head over to the page and give the article a read. The one that is published at the moment is an introduction to me and what I feel YOKKAO is doing for the sport.

It will be difficult for me to change the mindset that I have but it kind of reminds of a scene in Lie to me where one of the characters still has the mindset of their previous role and doesn’t have that as a deception detection expert! So that is something that I will have to work on in my own head.

Begin to create content as a worker for YOKKAO and not as Dom the third party contributor.

Like I said, head over to the page and if you would like to comment on the post, feel free to do so, maybe some ideas as to what you would like to read about. Who you would like to be interviewed or something or the sort!

I have a page that all of my posts will go to so if you want to bookmark it you should!

Also keep your eyes peeled for future posts on there! There will be plenty more coming!IMG_0077-0

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