DUEL VI – Gary Laws to fight for WKL European & DUEL Super-Fight titles

If you have been following what has been going on with MTBUK recently you will know that we are teaming up with DUEL Fight Sports for their upcoming event DUEL VI: STRIKEFORCE – World Class Pro Kickboxing where a good friend of mine and training partner Gary Laws will fight for WKL European & DUEL Super-Fight titles.

D6 Laws vs Cordeiro

Gary recently got announced as UK #1 by UK K1 Independent Rankings @ 55KG and he is set to fight one of the world K-1 kickboxing’s most exciting emerging stars as he returns to Newcastle Fred JOKER Cordeiro of K.O. Team!


This fight for Gary is a big one and I am super excited to be working alongside him again. Granted I won’t be in the ring but I will be there as a supporter of his and working as part of the press for DUEL Muay Thai Elements. You can see who is debuting  on DUEL Muay Thai Elements here.

Gaz is an exciting fighter who always brings a crowd. He is ranked 6th in the UK Muay Thai rankings from Thai Fighter and #1 from UK K1 Independent Rankings.

I saw Gary training the other day and he looked awesome, sharp and fit. Fred will have to bring is ‘A game’ if he wants to take home those titles. It will be the first time Gary  has fought on a DUEL Fight Sports event but not the first time he has fought at such a level.


I had a quick catch up with Gaz and asked him how training was going and what this fight meant to him. This is what he had to say:

“Training couldn’t have gone any better really I feel really strong and sharp and can’t wait to get in that ring on Saturday. It means a lot to fight for the titles but more so for Fred’s scalp, as many regard him as one of the best fighters in the world/euorope and I’m going to show everyone that I am. I would also like to thank everyone who has bought a ticket to come see me fight. I’m going to bring those a titles back for everyone, which means a lot! Also my super team mates Juan Cervantes, Gordon smith and everyone at northern kings and my awesome coach Craig Jose #boomboom”

If you want to see this fight go down then you will have to be at the NE6 Suite in Newcastle on Saturday 9th April you can get your tickets here or from a fighter than is fighting on the show!


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And watch this promo video that PEEP Magazine made. They will be making the fight videos for the upcoming #DUEL6