DUEL Fight Sports

MTBUK links up with DUEL Fight Sports for DUEL 6

MTBUK has been working on bringing something special to everyone in the Muay Thai world. Something that is new and mega exciting. DUEL Fight Sports is a brand that is quickly growing and making itself known for its calibre of its kickboxing events. It has been expanding its reach to boxing and now Muay Thai.


DUEL 6 April 9th @ NE6 Suite

That is where we come in. This is going to be amazing…. DUEL Fight Sports have released that they will now be teaming up with Unity Thai Fight’s Steve Wright to bring you fight fans ‘DUEL Muay Thai Elements’ at their next event DUEL 6 and MTBUK will be there! Interviewing fighters, taking pictures, videos and reporting about the event as a whole.


DUEL teams with Unity Thai Fight’s Steve Wright to bring you DUEL Muay Thai Elements

Getting the chance to be at an event and interview fighters and be backstage as MTBUK is going to be massive! So keep your eyes peeled, I will be keeping you updated with what is happening all the way. I am mega excited about this as it will be the first time I have ever reported as MTBUK

DUEL 6 is going to be in Newcastle upon Tyne on 9th April 2016 at the NE6 suite. I will be adding to this area of MTBUK with pictures and interviews and loads more as the relationship develops!

In the meantime head over to their Facebook page and twitter and check them out!



Until then, hold tight! This is going to be off the hook!


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