Expectant father’s few words

A few words about me becoming a dad.

I’m not to sure if any of you guys know, I am due to become a dad any day now. My wife is now classed as full term and the due date is drawing closer and closer. I am excited to see how becoming a dad changes my direction in life and pushes me to follow my dreams and help him understand what it means to have dreams and aspirations to aim towards.

I will always tell my son to follow and chase his dreams. It is imperative in life that you do things in life that make you happy and Muay Thai, for me, does that. Whether it be training, writing about Muay Thai, watching videos of fights I hope my love for Muay Thai runs in the family.

I hope to one day be able to travel the world with Muay Thai, blogging, making videos, meeting top fighters and interviewing them and hopefully, one day, fighting! It is strange how your priorities change when you have someone else to put before you. I am so excited to become a dad. That is why, up to now, the blog has took a back seat.

I am hoping to eventually get back onto the whole writing thing. Getting in touch with people to interview and stuff. I am having a slight shake up of the website, structuring it a little better. It will be updated with a bit more content from videos to pictures and blog posts and stuff.

I am looking forward to introducing Maximus (my sons name), to the guys at the gym. To have him brought up around the discipline that the life of a Thai Boxer entails. I hope that he can accomplish what I can’t; to become a world class fighter. I started my Muay Thai journey late in life and if i can help him have any sort of motivation to accomplish what he wants in life then I know that I will have succeeded as a father.

Whether it be a life in Thai Boxing or doing something totally different I will be there to support him every step of the way. No matter what, my love for him will always run deep! Deeper than anything! I just want him here now. I want to see him, meet him, show him the big wide world!

I am going to sign off now, because it is getting late and I have work in the morning. So thanks again for reading.

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Peace and love!