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So last night there were two new world champions crowned! Last night Facebook was a buzz with fighters and spectators alike all sharing their predictions and thoughts. Yokkao is renowned for its consistency is putting out fantastic shows. Yokkao 17 & 18 was no different.

yokkao 17&18

I wasn’t there so I can’t pass judgement on what happened with any of the fights but the news of the two main events of the show have been circulating my news feed all day! First of all, fighting for the 65kg YOKKAO world title, was Liam Harrison from the world famous Bad Company gym in Leeds and his very worth opponent was Tetsuya Yamato from Japan. Tetsuya recently fought Pakorn who actually beat Liam last time they met and won! So everything was on the line for this upcoming encounter.

The title was only put on the line last week as Pakorn’s last three fights were lost which means he was made, by YOKKAO rules, to vacate his world title. This left the belt up for grabs by these two warriors! Through reading Facebook, I have heard it was a close bout, some say that either fighter could have took it but Liam deserved the win. He mentioned in his post-fight video that he adapted his game plan, rather than hurting them with leg kicks, he would kick and move, kick and move. Which in turn got him the win over the Jap!


I can imagine it being a very proud moment for Liam, this was his sixth world title win and one he most definitely deserved!

Who do you think he will have to defend it against next?

The main event for YOKKAO 18 was not only a revenge bout but one that held a lot of substance for Jordan Watson. With the last encounter that Jordan had with the Swede even he can admit, Sanny made an example of him really. He gassed early and in turn, was over turned but Dahlbeck.

Since the loss, the rematch was wanted by all the fans (and Jordan and Sanny) and this time round the fighters definitely didn’t disappoint. As I said before, I wasn’t there to watch it but I can imagine it was all kinds of a war! I can’t wait to see the videos that YOKKAO will no doubt be posting very soon for all of our viewing pleasure!

On the run up to the fight Jordan recently went out to Thailand to train for the fight at the new YOKKAO Training centre in Bangkok to train with Saenchai and Singdam being just two names that were there to help him prepare. He said in an interview before the fight that this was the hardest he has train for a fight and he was totally ready to give everything in the ring to get the belt back.


And that he did! He has now being crowned the 70kg YOKKAO world champion! Both the fighters looked over the moon with their wins. It was definitely a good day at the office for Bad Co. I will post the videos of the fights on here when they eventually go live on YouTube for you to watch.

I would like to say a massive well done and congratulations to these two awesome fighters! They deserve everything and are a prime example of hard work paying off! Catch them here saying a few words after their fights last night!


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Take it easy and keeping working hard!

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