It’s nearly been a week!

I know I have been pretty quiet this past week. It doesn’t mean that there has been a lack of action behind the scenes.

There has been so much going on that I am excited to tell you all about. First of all, it’s only two weeks away from the interclub!

For the people who don’t know what an interclub is, it is a non-competitive bout where each contestant is wearing shin pads and usually 16oz gloves, it can run for either five 90 second rounds or something that is suited to the experience of the fighter.

There isn’t a winner but it leans more towards a spar really with people from different gyms. I have done one before and it was such a buzz. I was up against someone who was much more experienced than me, he had been training for a lot longer than me and he also ran his own class in Sunderland.
We exchanged a few good shots, he hurt my front leg by using leg kicks but I like to think I was able to use the tips given by my corner to hurt him a little bit. I have since then been working on checking the leg kicks but it is still definitely a work in progress. I am by no stretch of the imagination perfect at checking leg kicks… Yet ;).

I am looking forward to this coming interclub because it is being put on by Bad Company Gym in Leeds. This gym is known in the UK for being one of the best gyms around. It is the first gym in England to be known as a Yokkao training facility. It has put out a number of world champions, two of which are fighting at the upcoming event in March.

So it should be a good experience going down there and having a spar with one of the lads from down there!

Next on the cards is the interviews I have lined up. I have contacted a number of people to ask them if they might be up for answering a few questions for the website. I am overwhelmed by the support the people I have contacted have given. I will tell you about two of the four people I have lined up.

One of them is Salah ‘the beast’  Khalifa, he is a two time world champion fighting and training other people in a gym in London. He has fought some of the best fighters in the world representing both the UK and Libya.

The other fighter that has agreed is called Iman ‘Pretty Killer’ Barlow. She too is someone who is massively talented! She has again fought some of the top names in the world of Muay Thai and is someone who I am really looking forward to being on here.

There are a couple of other names that a few of you may have heard of, one of them in particular being a world champion ten times and has fought the likes of Buakaw, Mike Zambidis, Yodsanklai Fairtex is someone I am hugely excited to be able to get the opportunity to ask a few questions.

The final bit of news is that I am definitely going to Yokkao in March! Me and my wife booked the hotel and are hopefully getting the tickets lined up this week. I can’t wait to go! Ever since I heard about it in was so excited to be able to have the opportunity to go!

There is going to be some of the biggest names in Muay Thai. Liam Harrison, Jordan Watson, Pakorn, Juan Cerventes, Sanny Dahlbeck and the list goes on! I am totally pumped for it!

Training tonight, I always look forward to Monday’s training, it is usually a K1 session which is awesome because it gives me chance to work more on my boxing but all the training sessions in the week are awesome! I will try to keep the site updated every few days and as it progresses I will set days in stone as to what I am updating the site with and what not.

Thanks in advance for reading. What this space for the interviews coming up! I will hopefully be getting some videos of the interclub so will be hopefully uploading some videos from that too.

Remember head over to Facebook, Twitter and instagram and support the website. Say hello! I am always keeping them up to date with content so if you want to keep up to date too, head over and give them a like or follow or subscribe whatever they require you to do!

Thanks again… Peace!

Dom –  MTBUK


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