Normal food intake going forward.

This is my usual sort of schedule or will be going forward. I might exchange the salad for some cooked veg, kale or broccoli or something. This will be my typical sort of day, I have been eating like this since Monday, up to now, I aren’t feeling a great deal of weight loss benefits.

7.30 – Green smoothie – baby leaf spinach, rocket, watercress, banana, apple, pear, cucumber, apple juice
8.30 – 3 Bacon Rashers, 3 scrambled eggs and a black coffee
9.15 – 10.00 – 750ml water
10.00 – Carrots and humous and 500ml water
12.30 – Spinach, iceberg lettuce, beetroot, cucumber, carrots, dressing of extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and a squeezed lemon with a turkey steak. A protein shake and a spoon of hazelnut butter.
15.00 – a turkey steak, protein shake and some unsalted nuts and 750ml water.
17.00 – a banana, an apple and 750ml water
20.00 – 21.00 – a protein filled meal, chicken and veg or something like that.

One thing I am feeling though is I have a lot more energy! Eating more frequently throughout the day I have a lot more energy as I don’t get that 3 o clock slump where I am feeling tired and what not. I guess the weight loss is a work is progress, I will be weighing myself next week to see what progress I have made.

I have already had my cheat day this week, I went to the cinema last night and some ice cream… I know I know, its really bad! It’s crazy to think that not even really that long ago, I was eating whatever I wanted, pasties, burgers, Panini’s anything. I heard somewhere someone said that you must treat your body like an aeroplane or racing car.

You wouldn’t put standard fuel into a car or aeroplane, you need to fuel it will good super powered fuel that will ensure a great performance which is something that is essential for someone who trains 4 or 5 times a week. I guess I will begin to reap the full benefits of eating in a better manner.

It is more building a good relationship with food too, knowing what to eat when. Nutrition is something that I haven’t ever paid attention to until I got into training but it is something I now have a keen interest in, as it goes hand in hand with training and feeling good to! It’s amazing how good you feel when you know you have put some good food into your system!

When training you can go for much longer, recovery from training is much faster and the weight loss is always a plus too! The hardest part is other people eating around me, I am so tempted when other people are eating a subway or a MacDonald’s to partake in a bit of nutritional hell! There is a lot of will power involved!

One this that is key in all of this is organisation! Preparation. If you can prepare 3 days meal in one sitting then you don’t have to fanny about making it for each day and then giving in because it would be easier to go to the shop and spend £3.50 on a sandwich, sugary drink and crisps.

I have had what I said above today, so I won’t bother writing what it was I ate today, this page might seem a bit repetitive as some of the time I will be eating a lot of the same thing but it is more for my record to see what works and what doesn’t.

I hope you manage to be able to take something from this too, maybe a few nutritional ideas or if you want to leave me a comment, feel free! I would,d be more than happy with some feedback.

Thanks for reading! Hope you are all well!!



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