Today is an exciting day for MTBUK!!

Hey guys! Dom here from MTBUK!

Today is an exciting day for the Muay Thai Blog, I have purchased a domain!!

Which means that I will be building a website that will have a lot of things going through it. I have some pretty exciting things and directions I would like to head in with the blog.

It is going to be more than just me talking about my experiences. I want to eventually get people on board who will do videos with me, get retailers on board so I can get product reviews done, I would eventually like to begin to create merchandise and also how-to things such as ebooks and podcasts as well, getting up and coming fighters interviewed and hopefully some professional fighters interviewed to!

I really think that with Muay Thai taking off the way that it is around the world that, if we work together we can get big things coming your way!!

The website will take a little while for me to get set up as I am totally new to the whole thing but I can promise you that in every hour God sends me I will be investing time, effort and everything I have into this venture!!

If you have any questions about anything or would like featuring on the website, give me a shout. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook or email me at and I will reply to you straight away!

I look forward to showing you what I have to offer and hopefully bringing good productive material your way!!

Watch this space!!

Peace! Dom – MTBUK!


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