Links to the interclub we did on Saturday

Hey guys, Dom here from MTBUK!

How’s it going this fine Monday morning? Just on my way to work and I thought I would post you the links to the videos of the interclub we did on Saturday.

Like I said in the previous post really, it was such a wicked experience, getting the feeling for being in the ring with people watching and what it would be like to have a fight.

It was by no means an actual fight, it was a heavy spar really. Which, was still good because it is rare that I get to do that in the gym. The sparring that we do in the gym is usually quite light but I do like that.

Matt’s interclub

Lee’s interclub

My interclub

Callum’s interclub

Andrews interclub

I hope the links work, I’ve tried to make them up on my iPhone, the wonders of technology ey!!

I’ve been in quite a lot of pain over the weekend with my leg, I definitely need to work on defence, looking back at the video of my interclub, you can see that at the end of every combination he did he would stick a leg kick on the end. I should have seen it coming, I should have thought more but for a first experience, I thought I did quite well, I was happy with it!

The other lads did really well too! I was good to watch!! I’m pumped for this weekend, me and the wife are going to watch stand up and fight based at Newcastle’s NE6 suite in Walker! Stand up and fight is an event put on by Craig (Northern Kings owner and head coach) and also the owner and head coach of the Faktory in Newcastle too!

It should be a wicked night there are a few lads fighting from the gym I go to. There is Steven Morton, Stephen ‘Stretch’ Armstrong, Gordon Smith, Liam Robinson, Tony Ellis and hopefully Hayley Fox. All are very good and have been training for a while now! It will try to get some videos and upload them for everyone and review them where I can and put a bit of my thoughts on there too. There will be more fights on too, it’s not just gonna be 6 fights on!

So yeah. Big things coming from Northern Kings are coming up really! It is an exciting time to be a member of the gym! Who’d have thought it. 6/7 months ago, I’d have never thought that I would be writing a blog about my journey training in Muay Thai or doing interclubs or going to fights. It’s totally crazy but I am loving every second of it!!

Hope you enjoy watching the videos from the interclub and I will try and keep posting videos and stuff of training and what not (if I can get someone in the gym to record stuff for me).

Again, thank you to everyone who is taking the time to read my blog! It’s amazing how many views I’ve had over this weekend, particularly from Thailand! Amazing!!

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Peace!! Dom – Muay Thai Blog UK (MTBUK)


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