The past two days training and preparing for my first interclub

Hey guys!!

How’s it going?? I know it’s been a while since I wrote a post on here, this might explain the sheer length of it because I have a bit to go through. I will try to be more consistent with my posts, more to be able to keep a track of the training I have been doing and to keep you all updated too!!

It has been a tough couple of days training. I have the interclub coming up on Saturday which I feel pretty good about!

I began the week with a couple of days off work so managed to squeeze in a private session and a couple of classes too which was cool. It has been a while since I have managed to get a private in so it was good to get some fine tuning into my game.

Yesterday was tough. I got pushed pretty hard. I went to the open session in the gym which I expected to have a few people in but it was quiet. I was the only person in, so I set my timer for 10 3 minute rounds and worked my way down the bags in the gym working on different things.

We have 5 bags in the gym which worked quite nicely with the 10 rounds. On the first bag I worked on my low kicks. Setting them up with a combination of different punches, one two and stepping out into the front leg low kick was one of them. That’s probably my favourite one to do. The other one was straight right, left hook then the low kick off the back leg. The last one I worked on was working on the left hand punches, working around the bag then stepping in and kicking with the front leg. One, two, hook, step round, left body shot, step again left hook to the head, step the right leg in towards your left then kick with the left.

Second bag I just worked on my boxing. Working on linking my different shots in as many different ways, trying to feel it out, not doing more than 4 or 5 punches in any combination but making sure I get it right. I started quite slow on this bag because it was a lighter bag, I wanted to work more on technique than anything, making sure that when I was going from punch to punch I was rotating my shoulder and screwing my foot into the floor to get maximum power. I noticed the more I worked on my technique, the more power came naturally. Now because this bag was lighter than the other I had chance to work on my footwork with this bag too. When the bag would swing I would move around it avoiding it as though it was a person. Returning with the odd kick but predominantly working on the boxing.

Next bag was another heavy bag and I got to do my favourite things, body kicks. With either the left or the right it is my favourite thing to do because it utilises my legs which are thick. So for the kicks I was working again on getting the technique right. Making sure my hips are turned over and my shoulders are pointing in the direction of my hips. In this round I wasn’t really boxing, just moving around the bag and getting the kicks in. Pretty straight forward really.

The next bag is a bag where I could work a bit on my knees in the clinch. Clinch is definitely my weakest part of my game. Mainly because I haven’t really done many of the classes, which I definitely should begin to do really. On this bag that I was on for this round I was working on my footwork in the clinch, both being square with my knees bent and my feet flat and also being square on again but the next time I would be on my tip toes. Rotating around the bag, using the footwork and then stepping wide and with the back leg stepping back and the kneeing the bag. Doing that for the three minutes soon tires you out.

The last bag is a water filled punch bag, working on the boxing again, this time it was hard and fast to finish the last in the first round to finish myself off.

Did that two times round. I was shot!! By the time I got finished with that, I had a private lined up. I was already tired and ready to go home but my brain was shouting at me to dig deep!!

I was pumped for the private really because like I said before, it has been a while since I have had one. It was a pretty intense session, when Juan came in I was ready to get started.

We began with five 3 minute rounds on the pads working on the rounded picture really, he would spot something and hammer it in that particular round.

After the 5 rounds we did about 5 minutes of him attacking me and I was only able to return with my feet which was quite interesting. He had a fight a few weeks back now and got a nasty cut so he isn’t able to take punches at the moment. He was quite nice about it to be honest, in hindsight, he didn’t try to actually hurt me or really get through the defences, it was more to get me thinking about keeping my guard up and keeping my feet moving while still returning with something too!!

After that which, at this point I was canny tired like, I was getting ready to go home! The one word I’m sure many more people than me… Fitness!!

At this point he told me to set my timer for 3 minutes and he readied his pads. He held them up and said, kick!! Two kicks!! Kick!! Two kicks!! Straight away I thought one thing… Fuck!! I did try for the full three minutes but it is so hard!! I was totally wrecked by the end of it. He then proceeded to tell me… “Well that’s part a done.” A little more of me died inside!! The second part was, 10 squats thrust things with a 5kg medicine ball, after that it was 2 lengths of bear crawl then 10 burpees and then two lengths of bear crawl and 10 squat thrust things with the medicine ball. Urgh.

I was totally exhausted by the end of it but it felt awesome!! I love nothing more than getting totally thrashed out during a muay thai workout. During it, I curse my coach and call them every name under the sun, after it though is a different story, I feel so good!! Albeit in quite a lot pain the next day, still enjoyable!!

I’m finishing this post off on Friday, this was all done on Tuesday/Wednesday, I’ve been switched off these past two days trying to get my mind in the right place for the interclub in the morning. I kinda have waves of nerves that come over me and I think to myself, will I get hurt? Will I hurt someone? It’s a funny feeling really. Then I think about the good group of people I have behind me in my training and also my wife too. She is supportive of me doing the sport. Which is awesome really!!

I’m going to wrap it up now, do any of my readers compete and have any tips for people out there who are just getting into the sport? Any do’s or don’t’s?

Any pre-fight ritual you have or believe in doing?

Well that’s me for now. Again, thank you for reading!! There are quite a few people from America from what I can see having a read of this so thank you so much!! Means so much!!

Give the blog a follow and keep up to date with the training, like the posts and give them a share so we can spread the sheer awesomeness that is Muay Thai!!

Peace!! Dom – Muay Thai Blog UK


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