Good morning!!

What’s up!!

Dom here again! Giving you an update on all things training.

Yesterday was a big day for me really. It’s crazy. I had a week off last week because of my shins, they were so painful! I could barely walk because of the pain. After a week off they have now eased. Much to my surprise when I walked in to the gym yesterday and saw my name on the board!!

My name!! I can’t believe it. Craig has signed me up for my first ever interclub! He has my name on the board to be fighting at 85kg, bearing in mind I am now 93.3kg and the interclub is next week!! I have asked him to send me a meal plan so I can work on getting some of the weight down.

He said he was only joking at 85 but I need to get to at least below 90kg. Which should be doable if I am strict with my eating. Any tips for a new beginner to get the stubborn fat shifted? I’ve been training now for about 4/5 months and my weight has fluctuated between 93-96kg, I still have a canny sized gut on me. I need to get it shifted. Any advice would be awesome!!

Training was good yesterday, it is a K1 session on a Monday. We were working on leg kicks, how to set them up properly and know how to gauge them. It quickly became clear that when your partner was on the defensive, walking backwards or had their weight on their back leg that it would be difficult to land the kick. That’s not to say you can’t but it is more difficult to do so because they can check the kick easier.

If you moved them back, we did a strong one, two and pushed them back. As they stepped back we were instructed to then take a step back too to make room, as they walked forward we would time the leg kick right. It would then be more difficult for them to check it because their weight is on their front leg and it would be near impossible to lift it up in time.

After we drilled both of them exercises, one where we would check the kick and one where we would take the kick, we did fitness. We grabbed a big pad to shield the leg kick and a focus mitt.

We were told to, one, two, hook leg kick with the back leg. The second time we were told to jab, slip their punch, hook, then leg kick off back leg. We would do that none stop for two 3 minute rounds. At the end, albeit a K1 class and clinch isn’t allowed in K1, we did a brief bit of clinch. It wasn’t full thai clinch, we only had one had around our partners neck and was working on spinning them around and setting them up for a knee and putting them in a not so good position.

That’s the class from last night. I’m gonna call it a day there now because I’m tired and can’t be arsed typing anymore on my phone.

If you have any tips for a new beginner wanting to get into the world of fighting, how to shift stubborn body fat, or general tips and support give me a shout and I will pop it into the next blog and share my thoughts on the tips and stuff.

Either write me a message on here by commenting or you can find me on Twitter at @MuayThaiBlogUK or on Facebook with the same name.

Thanks again for reading!! I can’t believe this blog has reached so many people already. I know I always say this but it is mind blowing to think that people from around the world are reading what I am posting. Awesome!!

Keep reading! Keep training!! Peace!! – Dom from Muay Thai Blog UK


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