This week!!

Morning everyone.

I haven’t posted much this week because I haven’t been in the gym, much to my disarray. There are two reasons really.

One because I have been trying to spend a bit more time with my wife, since beginning training I am out from 7.20 to get to work on a morning and I don’t get back in until 9 or 10pm. So this week I have been to the cinema and getting back home for the time she gets back so we can have some time together.

Another reason is my shins. They are killing at the moment. Even just walking about at the moment is kinda painful. Never mind running and doing training. It’s not too bad when I get warmed up and stuff but they are hurting. So I have been off Tuesday, Wednesday and will be off tonight as well. I don’t particularly like taking time off but it is strenuous on my body.

So this rest is doing me good, I have noticed that I am waking up easier on a morning. Maybe because I aren’t using as much energy and getting to recoup. I will be in tomorrow and Saturday morning so will be updating you on how them training sessions go.

How do you find taking time off from the gym? What do you spend your time doing?

Thanks again for reading. This blog is reaching further than I could have ever imagined and it is awesome!!

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I will leave you with a little motivational photo 🙂

Enjoy your Thursday. Peace!! Dom – Muay Thai Blog UK



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