tonight was tough!!

Good evening!! How’s it going?

I am writing tonight’s blog using my iPad and my little keyboard on the train, love the wonders of technology!!

Tonight was tough… It wasn’t particularly a tough Thai session, more a tough run before hand.

Me, Tom, Steve, Jedward and Liam did the three mile run again, it recorded on my phone to be 3.44 miles. which is the most I have ever done in my entire life. I don’t know what it was that made it so difficult tonight, maybe it was that i ate a bit before the run but I normally would eat a banana or two just for the energy to do so.

The Thai session was a good one tonight, I like Mondays, they are a good day, I think it is because it is the beginning of the week and everyone is pumped to get the week started. It is a mixed class on Monday’s so I usually get pushed pretty hard.

For a warm up we did five minutes on the rope. I do like the rope, at the minute I am finding it quite tough though, I am suffering from pain in my shins, I don’t know whether it is shin splints but the absolutely kill.

I will power through because you have to, it is like at the beginning of the run, I find it difficult to get running because of my shins but when I get warm they tend to ease off a bit. That’s my moan for tonight.

After the rope session, we did 10 wall squats and then 10 roll over v sits to finish the warm up. For the actual class we worked on left body kicks. Countering the right hand with a left body kick. We partnered up and did the exercise one for one, working first on throwing the right hand and taking the left kick. Ensuring we got a nice fast switch in to get the most power into it.

My bloody brain isn’t working tonight, I can’t get out what I want to say, I need some food to get my brain functioning! After that we were doing one attack one defending, working on seeing the right hand coming and countering with the left kick, again making sure you get the switch in there too. My switch isn’t fantastic, it still needs a lot of work, i intend to get a private in some time soon to work on a few things. With the exercise it really needed to be fast but I couldn’t quite get it there. A little more time working on it and I’m sure it will come eventually.

When we completed that drill we got our gum shields in and were told to spar what we had just been working on, so one person could punch and one person could kick in the pair. Me and my partner, Kev, who might I add is a fucking legend, are still quite new, he has been doing a bit longer than what i have but he works away so only gets to come when he can. Saying that, he is good!! He worked first on the punches and I did so on my kicks. Now with Kev it was okay to kick him with reasonable force because he is quite thick set but with other people, because I am weighing in at 90-95kg and my legs are quite thick, some of the smaller lads that weigh about 60kg I have to be wary because it could hurt them. Not being big headed or anything, but thats why there are different weight classes in the sport in general.

I enjoy punching as well though so for the next two rounds of sparring I worked on my punching. Because it was body kicks I would work on the body punches, their hands are going to be up anyway, so I would check the kick and counter that with a high jab to the face and a low right to the body. It seemed to be quite effective. So that’s what I worked with on the other two partners I had, Titler and Tom.

That drew the technical part of the session to a close. For fitness we were back in pairs, one of us would do four lengths of bear crawl while the
other did push ups, after that we would do the bear crawls again while the other was doing sit ups then another set of four bear crawls while the other was doing squats. At that point I thought it was all over but much to my not surprise there is always a little more to go.

In Craig jose fashion it isn’t a workout unless we have had some burpees in there somewhere, I thought it was too good to be true. Then the B bomb dropped, burpee Mexican wave. Fantastic. All stand in a circle and it kind of does what it says on the tin really when the person to the left of you has began their burpees you do yours do that then he would up the number of burpees you do, up to two, so two burpees, up to three at that point it gets a little confusing because you just kind of keep doing burpees regardless coz everyone else is doing them. Good fun!!

That’s it for tonight. Also, an update on the weight loss, managed to get 4 kilos down, I am now weighing at 92kg from the 96kg I was when I came back from my wedding. I keep telling myself it is a marathon not a sprint, keep eating right, keep going to the gym and it will begin to slowly decrease. I’m in no hurry, I wanna get it right. I hear so many stories of people doing crazy diets to lose weight but then when they begin to eat like they used to it just piles back on p. Or ridiculously low calorie diets which I just couldn’t do because I need the calorie intake to keep up with the training. High protein, mid carbs, and just the right amount of good fats is where I am at the moment with the more than frequent ‘odd’ cheat day. Progress though!!

I’m going to ask someone in the gym tomorrow to see if they wouldn’t mind taking a few photos of the training session, I would really like to show you what we are getting up to. Maybe a few videos and stuff too. Pic get the feeling the blog needs a bit of spicing up a bit of which I am going to be working on doing.

Thank for reading, all the people in America, Thailand, Italy, I have even had people from Sri Lanka man! Mental!

Thank you so much for the support, every share, follow and like goes a long way! You know where to find me on Twitter, @MuayThaiBlogUK on facebook with the same name, Muay Thai blog UK.

Thanks for reading, keep training and let me know how you are getting on, what goals do you have? Are you a fighter? How often do you train all things I am really keen to know about. How does my training schedule look to yours?

Peace! Dom – Muay Thai blog UK


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