Looking forward to today!

What’s up!! Dom from MTBUK here!!

How’s it going for everyone? What is this week bringing you?

I haven’t posted about training this week because I have only trained once. This was on Monday, Tuesday I needed to rest my leg from Saturday because I still had a dead leg and then in the class on Monday we worked on leg kicks… Awesome! Not!

It needed to get back to at least 90% which it is now so I can get back in the gym and give it 100%!! So rested the leg on Tuesday… Yesterday I was covering work in a different city to what I normally do so time was stretched and to take the biscuit at the end of the day I got stuck in the fucking elevator! Just before we were set to go home I get stuck in the elevator. Fantastic!!

Which means then I was stuck at work until 7pm and had to miss training. The reason I am posting this morning is because of what I have eaten over the past 24 hours. It has been a bad day for eating clean and healthy really. Because I was up and out early there was no time to cook my dinner which means I had to buy it while I was on my lunch at work.

In the north east of England where I am living at the moment pastry shops that sell pasties and cakes are rife! In particular Greggs! I had a sausage and bacon sandwich for breakfast and a latte coffee. After which I was feeling okay, mainly because of the coffee that perked me up really.

For my lunch, because I was the only working adviser I have to make sure I am kind of always available. So I only got to pop out for 15/20 minute to which I went to Greggs again and got a pasty for my lunch as a matter of cheapness and convenience. So this was at 11.30am after eating my bacon and sausage at 8.30am. I then didn’t get to eat until about 8pm when I was in the train station in Newcastle waiting to go home. I ate a Burger King.

I’m not a massive fan of the fast food shit that is available, McDonalds, Burger King, subway etc they are just shit and last night confirmed it for me really.

After I had eaten it I felt awful!! Sluggish, tired, bloated and just generally a bit shit. This has solidified for me the fact that I am going to write a nutrition plan, a strict regimen to stick by to try and get these excess KG’s shifted. I walk about at around 95kg at the moment and like I have said in my previous posts it would ideally like to be a walk around weight of about 10kg lighter. So I have quite a lot to lose really. Then if I want to start eventually fighting, which I most definitely do… I need to get it off.

Once I have wrote the nutrition and exercise plan I will write it up and make it available to you if you follow the blog or email me requesting it or I might just put it on a page on here. I will hopefully be posting daily updates with pictures of my progress and you can feel free to do the same!!

I am looking forward to getting back to training today after the couple of days off. I always enjoy getting stuck back into the gym! The lads did their final training session last night before the big fight on Sunday!! I can’t wait! It’s called stand up and fight and it is based here in Newcastle. The tickets sold out very quickly and soon became the talk of the gym a long time ago and the week is finally here. From what I saw on Monday the lads are looking super fit, they have trained awesomely and very hard! It is going to be one to see!

I will hopefully get some pictures. I will be taking a proper camera and also he recording some videos on my phone. I don’t know where I am sat in the venue so I won’t know the predicted quality of them until I am there!! But yeah, watch this space! #TeamNK will be ripping it up this weekend!! Best of to everyone fighting!!

Well that’s it for now, to wrap up… Don’t eat shit! I will be writing a nutrition guide/meal plan as a guidance of what to eat and stuff and the fight this weekend!! Exciting times 🙂

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Have a good day!!

Peace!! – Dom from Muay Thai Blog UK



Today is an exciting day for MTBUK!!

Hey guys! Dom here from MTBUK!

Today is an exciting day for the Muay Thai Blog, I have purchased a domain!!

Which means that I will be building a website that will have a lot of things going through it. I have some pretty exciting things and directions I would like to head in with the blog.

It is going to be more than just me talking about my experiences. I want to eventually get people on board who will do videos with me, get retailers on board so I can get product reviews done, I would eventually like to begin to create merchandise and also how-to things such as ebooks and podcasts as well, getting up and coming fighters interviewed and hopefully some professional fighters interviewed to!

I really think that with Muay Thai taking off the way that it is around the world that, if we work together we can get big things coming your way!!

The website will take a little while for me to get set up as I am totally new to the whole thing but I can promise you that in every hour God sends me I will be investing time, effort and everything I have into this venture!!

If you have any questions about anything or would like featuring on the website, give me a shout. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook or email me at muaythaibloguk@gmail.com and I will reply to you straight away!

I look forward to showing you what I have to offer and hopefully bringing good productive material your way!!

Watch this space!!

Peace! Dom – MTBUK!

Links to the interclub we did on Saturday

Hey guys, Dom here from MTBUK!

How’s it going this fine Monday morning? Just on my way to work and I thought I would post you the links to the videos of the interclub we did on Saturday.

Like I said in the previous post really, it was such a wicked experience, getting the feeling for being in the ring with people watching and what it would be like to have a fight.

It was by no means an actual fight, it was a heavy spar really. Which, was still good because it is rare that I get to do that in the gym. The sparring that we do in the gym is usually quite light but I do like that.

Matt’s interclub

Lee’s interclub

My interclub

Callum’s interclub

Andrews interclub

I hope the links work, I’ve tried to make them up on my iPhone, the wonders of technology ey!!

I’ve been in quite a lot of pain over the weekend with my leg, I definitely need to work on defence, looking back at the video of my interclub, you can see that at the end of every combination he did he would stick a leg kick on the end. I should have seen it coming, I should have thought more but for a first experience, I thought I did quite well, I was happy with it!

The other lads did really well too! I was good to watch!! I’m pumped for this weekend, me and the wife are going to watch stand up and fight based at Newcastle’s NE6 suite in Walker! Stand up and fight is an event put on by Craig (Northern Kings owner and head coach) and also the owner and head coach of the Faktory in Newcastle too!

It should be a wicked night there are a few lads fighting from the gym I go to. There is Steven Morton, Stephen ‘Stretch’ Armstrong, Gordon Smith, Liam Robinson, Tony Ellis and hopefully Hayley Fox. All are very good and have been training for a while now! It will try to get some videos and upload them for everyone and review them where I can and put a bit of my thoughts on there too. There will be more fights on too, it’s not just gonna be 6 fights on!

So yeah. Big things coming from Northern Kings are coming up really! It is an exciting time to be a member of the gym! Who’d have thought it. 6/7 months ago, I’d have never thought that I would be writing a blog about my journey training in Muay Thai or doing interclubs or going to fights. It’s totally crazy but I am loving every second of it!!

Hope you enjoy watching the videos from the interclub and I will try and keep posting videos and stuff of training and what not (if I can get someone in the gym to record stuff for me).

Again, thank you to everyone who is taking the time to read my blog! It’s amazing how many views I’ve had over this weekend, particularly from Thailand! Amazing!!

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Peace!! Dom – Muay Thai Blog UK (MTBUK)

Today’s Interclub was ace!!!

Yo yo!!! It’s Dom here from MTBUK!

Hows it going? Today’s interclub was totally amazing! It was such a wicked experience I don’t really have words to describe how it felt being in the ring but I will give it a shot!

First martin was on, he did so well. When i first began sparring, I did a few rounds with him and he was quite heavy handed, which was quite the eye opener for me! He did well in his round though! It was good that it was non-competative, that kind of put my mind at ease really. He was the first of us to go up out of the group of people that went with us from Northern Kings.

I was second to go up. I thought I had longer than I did but I had just got changed and finished wrapping my hands and then my name was called. they must have had a shuffle of the running sequence. Either way, I think it was a good thing because i didn’t really have time to psych myself out. I was totally nervous, I had been up and down all night last night because I was thinking about it quite a lot. When I got in the ring it kind of felt natural. All of the nerves went away and the adrenaline kicked in! Everything else in the room disappeared and all I could think about it was what was in front of me.

I think I did pretty well to say it was my first experience in the ring. It started quite slow, the guy who I was sparring with was a little taller than me and had a really mean old teep! Using both his back leg and his front leg. I got a little video that my wife recorded but she was quite far away and didn’t turn the phone on the side so it isn’t fantastic quality. By the end of the rounds we were going quite heavily. It wasn’t full 3 minute rounds, we did five 1 minute rounds which was just right for me and the level i am at currently.

I took a few heavy shots but I like to think I gave a few back. I managed to somewhat use my kicks to my advantage. I do have a lot to learn, that is a fact. Mainly on my defences!

The other lads did so well too! I was a proud team mate! I have got some videos that I am currently uploading to YouTube so I will put the link into my next blog when I manage to get them up because they are taking an absolute lifetime to do so!

The other lads utilised other skills needed in Muay Thai, some of the lads used the clinch a bit more whereas I was quite distant and used boxing and kicking. Andrew in particular was good in the clinch! That was good to watch. I guess a big part of getting in the ring is listening to your corner, it’s hard when you are concentrating so much on what you are doing and what your opponent is doing.

I love it! There really isn’t a feeling like it. Like I said, I will post the videos on here so you can see them all, let me know what you think of them :).

Finally I just want to let you know, the blog has had a lot of views and attention over the past 48 hours. I have doubled my views and subscribers. I have now made a YouTube channel to which I am uploading the videos, and the Twitter and Facebook I am using now too! Something crazy happened last night too! The Muay Thai equipment provider Sandee wrote to me on twitter and asked me if I might like to, one some point, like to write a guest blog post for them! WHAT!!! SANDEE, asking ME to write a post for them! I was totally Flabbergasted (love that word)!! Here is a link to their website, have a look at the stuff they can do for you, they stock all sorts of things you would need in your Muay Thai journey from gloves, shin pads, thai pads, bags, wraps you name it!! All very high quality products, all the items I use are made by Sandee.

Head on over to the pages, give them a like, follow, subscribing to. I will be updating each of the pages regularly with new content, trying to keep it fresh and stuff. I am in the process of creating a website so I have a decent place to share the blogs and let people share their thoughts and feelings with me too!

Thank you for all the support I’ve had so far! It means so much, again, if you ever have any questions, just give me a shout and I will reply as soon as I can!! Thank you again! Take care and I will be posting again very soon!

Peace! Dom – Muay Thai Blog UK

Just a quick one to let you know where to find me…

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Every reader means so much! From wherever you are in the world it is amazing really, how my words can reach that far across the world. I find it so empowering and kind of flabbergasting (i love that word!!) how just by the few clicks of a button my words and thoughts can reach so far so fast!!

But yeah, this place isn’t for a rant, this is for all things Muay Thai! Wish me luck for my interclub tomorrow!

Peace!! – Dom – Muay Thai Blog UK

The past two days training and preparing for my first interclub

Hey guys!!

How’s it going?? I know it’s been a while since I wrote a post on here, this might explain the sheer length of it because I have a bit to go through. I will try to be more consistent with my posts, more to be able to keep a track of the training I have been doing and to keep you all updated too!!

It has been a tough couple of days training. I have the interclub coming up on Saturday which I feel pretty good about!

I began the week with a couple of days off work so managed to squeeze in a private session and a couple of classes too which was cool. It has been a while since I have managed to get a private in so it was good to get some fine tuning into my game.

Yesterday was tough. I got pushed pretty hard. I went to the open session in the gym which I expected to have a few people in but it was quiet. I was the only person in, so I set my timer for 10 3 minute rounds and worked my way down the bags in the gym working on different things.

We have 5 bags in the gym which worked quite nicely with the 10 rounds. On the first bag I worked on my low kicks. Setting them up with a combination of different punches, one two and stepping out into the front leg low kick was one of them. That’s probably my favourite one to do. The other one was straight right, left hook then the low kick off the back leg. The last one I worked on was working on the left hand punches, working around the bag then stepping in and kicking with the front leg. One, two, hook, step round, left body shot, step again left hook to the head, step the right leg in towards your left then kick with the left.

Second bag I just worked on my boxing. Working on linking my different shots in as many different ways, trying to feel it out, not doing more than 4 or 5 punches in any combination but making sure I get it right. I started quite slow on this bag because it was a lighter bag, I wanted to work more on technique than anything, making sure that when I was going from punch to punch I was rotating my shoulder and screwing my foot into the floor to get maximum power. I noticed the more I worked on my technique, the more power came naturally. Now because this bag was lighter than the other I had chance to work on my footwork with this bag too. When the bag would swing I would move around it avoiding it as though it was a person. Returning with the odd kick but predominantly working on the boxing.

Next bag was another heavy bag and I got to do my favourite things, body kicks. With either the left or the right it is my favourite thing to do because it utilises my legs which are thick. So for the kicks I was working again on getting the technique right. Making sure my hips are turned over and my shoulders are pointing in the direction of my hips. In this round I wasn’t really boxing, just moving around the bag and getting the kicks in. Pretty straight forward really.

The next bag is a bag where I could work a bit on my knees in the clinch. Clinch is definitely my weakest part of my game. Mainly because I haven’t really done many of the classes, which I definitely should begin to do really. On this bag that I was on for this round I was working on my footwork in the clinch, both being square with my knees bent and my feet flat and also being square on again but the next time I would be on my tip toes. Rotating around the bag, using the footwork and then stepping wide and with the back leg stepping back and the kneeing the bag. Doing that for the three minutes soon tires you out.

The last bag is a water filled punch bag, working on the boxing again, this time it was hard and fast to finish the last in the first round to finish myself off.

Did that two times round. I was shot!! By the time I got finished with that, I had a private lined up. I was already tired and ready to go home but my brain was shouting at me to dig deep!!

I was pumped for the private really because like I said before, it has been a while since I have had one. It was a pretty intense session, when Juan came in I was ready to get started.

We began with five 3 minute rounds on the pads working on the rounded picture really, he would spot something and hammer it in that particular round.

After the 5 rounds we did about 5 minutes of him attacking me and I was only able to return with my feet which was quite interesting. He had a fight a few weeks back now and got a nasty cut so he isn’t able to take punches at the moment. He was quite nice about it to be honest, in hindsight, he didn’t try to actually hurt me or really get through the defences, it was more to get me thinking about keeping my guard up and keeping my feet moving while still returning with something too!!

After that which, at this point I was canny tired like, I was getting ready to go home! The one word I’m sure many more people than me… Fitness!!

At this point he told me to set my timer for 3 minutes and he readied his pads. He held them up and said, kick!! Two kicks!! Kick!! Two kicks!! Straight away I thought one thing… Fuck!! I did try for the full three minutes but it is so hard!! I was totally wrecked by the end of it. He then proceeded to tell me… “Well that’s part a done.” A little more of me died inside!! The second part was, 10 squats thrust things with a 5kg medicine ball, after that it was 2 lengths of bear crawl then 10 burpees and then two lengths of bear crawl and 10 squat thrust things with the medicine ball. Urgh.

I was totally exhausted by the end of it but it felt awesome!! I love nothing more than getting totally thrashed out during a muay thai workout. During it, I curse my coach and call them every name under the sun, after it though is a different story, I feel so good!! Albeit in quite a lot pain the next day, still enjoyable!!

I’m finishing this post off on Friday, this was all done on Tuesday/Wednesday, I’ve been switched off these past two days trying to get my mind in the right place for the interclub in the morning. I kinda have waves of nerves that come over me and I think to myself, will I get hurt? Will I hurt someone? It’s a funny feeling really. Then I think about the good group of people I have behind me in my training and also my wife too. She is supportive of me doing the sport. Which is awesome really!!

I’m going to wrap it up now, do any of my readers compete and have any tips for people out there who are just getting into the sport? Any do’s or don’t’s?

Any pre-fight ritual you have or believe in doing?

Well that’s me for now. Again, thank you for reading!! There are quite a few people from America from what I can see having a read of this so thank you so much!! Means so much!!

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Peace!! Dom – Muay Thai Blog UK

Good morning!!

What’s up!!

Dom here again! Giving you an update on all things training.

Yesterday was a big day for me really. It’s crazy. I had a week off last week because of my shins, they were so painful! I could barely walk because of the pain. After a week off they have now eased. Much to my surprise when I walked in to the gym yesterday and saw my name on the board!!

My name!! I can’t believe it. Craig has signed me up for my first ever interclub! He has my name on the board to be fighting at 85kg, bearing in mind I am now 93.3kg and the interclub is next week!! I have asked him to send me a meal plan so I can work on getting some of the weight down.

He said he was only joking at 85 but I need to get to at least below 90kg. Which should be doable if I am strict with my eating. Any tips for a new beginner to get the stubborn fat shifted? I’ve been training now for about 4/5 months and my weight has fluctuated between 93-96kg, I still have a canny sized gut on me. I need to get it shifted. Any advice would be awesome!!

Training was good yesterday, it is a K1 session on a Monday. We were working on leg kicks, how to set them up properly and know how to gauge them. It quickly became clear that when your partner was on the defensive, walking backwards or had their weight on their back leg that it would be difficult to land the kick. That’s not to say you can’t but it is more difficult to do so because they can check the kick easier.

If you moved them back, we did a strong one, two and pushed them back. As they stepped back we were instructed to then take a step back too to make room, as they walked forward we would time the leg kick right. It would then be more difficult for them to check it because their weight is on their front leg and it would be near impossible to lift it up in time.

After we drilled both of them exercises, one where we would check the kick and one where we would take the kick, we did fitness. We grabbed a big pad to shield the leg kick and a focus mitt.

We were told to, one, two, hook leg kick with the back leg. The second time we were told to jab, slip their punch, hook, then leg kick off back leg. We would do that none stop for two 3 minute rounds. At the end, albeit a K1 class and clinch isn’t allowed in K1, we did a brief bit of clinch. It wasn’t full thai clinch, we only had one had around our partners neck and was working on spinning them around and setting them up for a knee and putting them in a not so good position.

That’s the class from last night. I’m gonna call it a day there now because I’m tired and can’t be arsed typing anymore on my phone.

If you have any tips for a new beginner wanting to get into the world of fighting, how to shift stubborn body fat, or general tips and support give me a shout and I will pop it into the next blog and share my thoughts on the tips and stuff.

Either write me a message on here by commenting or you can find me on Twitter at @MuayThaiBlogUK or on Facebook with the same name.

Thanks again for reading!! I can’t believe this blog has reached so many people already. I know I always say this but it is mind blowing to think that people from around the world are reading what I am posting. Awesome!!

Keep reading! Keep training!! Peace!! – Dom from Muay Thai Blog UK

This week!!

Morning everyone.

I haven’t posted much this week because I haven’t been in the gym, much to my disarray. There are two reasons really.

One because I have been trying to spend a bit more time with my wife, since beginning training I am out from 7.20 to get to work on a morning and I don’t get back in until 9 or 10pm. So this week I have been to the cinema and getting back home for the time she gets back so we can have some time together.

Another reason is my shins. They are killing at the moment. Even just walking about at the moment is kinda painful. Never mind running and doing training. It’s not too bad when I get warmed up and stuff but they are hurting. So I have been off Tuesday, Wednesday and will be off tonight as well. I don’t particularly like taking time off but it is strenuous on my body.

So this rest is doing me good, I have noticed that I am waking up easier on a morning. Maybe because I aren’t using as much energy and getting to recoup. I will be in tomorrow and Saturday morning so will be updating you on how them training sessions go.

How do you find taking time off from the gym? What do you spend your time doing?

Thanks again for reading. This blog is reaching further than I could have ever imagined and it is awesome!!

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I will leave you with a little motivational photo 🙂

Enjoy your Thursday. Peace!! Dom – Muay Thai Blog UK


tonight was tough!!

Good evening!! How’s it going?

I am writing tonight’s blog using my iPad and my little keyboard on the train, love the wonders of technology!!

Tonight was tough… It wasn’t particularly a tough Thai session, more a tough run before hand.

Me, Tom, Steve, Jedward and Liam did the three mile run again, it recorded on my phone to be 3.44 miles. which is the most I have ever done in my entire life. I don’t know what it was that made it so difficult tonight, maybe it was that i ate a bit before the run but I normally would eat a banana or two just for the energy to do so.

The Thai session was a good one tonight, I like Mondays, they are a good day, I think it is because it is the beginning of the week and everyone is pumped to get the week started. It is a mixed class on Monday’s so I usually get pushed pretty hard.

For a warm up we did five minutes on the rope. I do like the rope, at the minute I am finding it quite tough though, I am suffering from pain in my shins, I don’t know whether it is shin splints but the absolutely kill.

I will power through because you have to, it is like at the beginning of the run, I find it difficult to get running because of my shins but when I get warm they tend to ease off a bit. That’s my moan for tonight.

After the rope session, we did 10 wall squats and then 10 roll over v sits to finish the warm up. For the actual class we worked on left body kicks. Countering the right hand with a left body kick. We partnered up and did the exercise one for one, working first on throwing the right hand and taking the left kick. Ensuring we got a nice fast switch in to get the most power into it.

My bloody brain isn’t working tonight, I can’t get out what I want to say, I need some food to get my brain functioning! After that we were doing one attack one defending, working on seeing the right hand coming and countering with the left kick, again making sure you get the switch in there too. My switch isn’t fantastic, it still needs a lot of work, i intend to get a private in some time soon to work on a few things. With the exercise it really needed to be fast but I couldn’t quite get it there. A little more time working on it and I’m sure it will come eventually.

When we completed that drill we got our gum shields in and were told to spar what we had just been working on, so one person could punch and one person could kick in the pair. Me and my partner, Kev, who might I add is a fucking legend, are still quite new, he has been doing a bit longer than what i have but he works away so only gets to come when he can. Saying that, he is good!! He worked first on the punches and I did so on my kicks. Now with Kev it was okay to kick him with reasonable force because he is quite thick set but with other people, because I am weighing in at 90-95kg and my legs are quite thick, some of the smaller lads that weigh about 60kg I have to be wary because it could hurt them. Not being big headed or anything, but thats why there are different weight classes in the sport in general.

I enjoy punching as well though so for the next two rounds of sparring I worked on my punching. Because it was body kicks I would work on the body punches, their hands are going to be up anyway, so I would check the kick and counter that with a high jab to the face and a low right to the body. It seemed to be quite effective. So that’s what I worked with on the other two partners I had, Titler and Tom.

That drew the technical part of the session to a close. For fitness we were back in pairs, one of us would do four lengths of bear crawl while the
other did push ups, after that we would do the bear crawls again while the other was doing sit ups then another set of four bear crawls while the other was doing squats. At that point I thought it was all over but much to my not surprise there is always a little more to go.

In Craig jose fashion it isn’t a workout unless we have had some burpees in there somewhere, I thought it was too good to be true. Then the B bomb dropped, burpee Mexican wave. Fantastic. All stand in a circle and it kind of does what it says on the tin really when the person to the left of you has began their burpees you do yours do that then he would up the number of burpees you do, up to two, so two burpees, up to three at that point it gets a little confusing because you just kind of keep doing burpees regardless coz everyone else is doing them. Good fun!!

That’s it for tonight. Also, an update on the weight loss, managed to get 4 kilos down, I am now weighing at 92kg from the 96kg I was when I came back from my wedding. I keep telling myself it is a marathon not a sprint, keep eating right, keep going to the gym and it will begin to slowly decrease. I’m in no hurry, I wanna get it right. I hear so many stories of people doing crazy diets to lose weight but then when they begin to eat like they used to it just piles back on p. Or ridiculously low calorie diets which I just couldn’t do because I need the calorie intake to keep up with the training. High protein, mid carbs, and just the right amount of good fats is where I am at the moment with the more than frequent ‘odd’ cheat day. Progress though!!

I’m going to ask someone in the gym tomorrow to see if they wouldn’t mind taking a few photos of the training session, I would really like to show you what we are getting up to. Maybe a few videos and stuff too. Pic get the feeling the blog needs a bit of spicing up a bit of which I am going to be working on doing.

Thank for reading, all the people in America, Thailand, Italy, I have even had people from Sri Lanka man! Mental!

Thank you so much for the support, every share, follow and like goes a long way! You know where to find me on Twitter, @MuayThaiBlogUK on facebook with the same name, Muay Thai blog UK.

Thanks for reading, keep training and let me know how you are getting on, what goals do you have? Are you a fighter? How often do you train all things I am really keen to know about. How does my training schedule look to yours?

Peace! Dom – Muay Thai blog UK