Training tonight 31/10/2014

What’s up!!

How’s it going. Happy Halloween everyone! How you spending yours?

I spent mine working and training… Standard!! The training session was a relaxed one tonight. Me and a lad from the gym called Liam went for a three mile run before the thai session because it didn’t actually start until 6.30 so we were there for about half 5 so decided to do three miles.

He is training for a fight so is canny for at the minute. It was the same run as we did on Monday, I found it just as hard and tiring!! He seemed to just sail it! About a mile in I was absolutely dying but part and parcel and the main reason I am doing it is to learn to become accustomed to feeling uncomfortable. Because I have heard that you never actually stop being uncomfortable you just learn to accommodate the feeling and learn how to deal with it. Becoming mentally strong against the pain.

After the run we went into a stretch and warm up (not that we needed to warm up anymore) in the thai session. Tonight’s session was canny really, a decent way to end the week. We did a rotational exercise working on kicking and defending the kicks. There were 7 of us in tonight. It is usually quite quiet on a Friday, I like it because you get to work a lot more on your technique and get more time to think about what you are doing. So 6 of us were in pairs, with gloves and shin pads on, for the first drill we were doing two combinations, one two hook leg kick, the second one was right hand, left hook right hand inside leg kick. The attacker would attack… Duhhh, and the defender would defend. The leg kick you would simply check them, so it would go for the first combination, parry parry cover the hook and check the kick. If you don’t know what a check is, it is where you use your leg to block the incoming kick.

The leg you use to check comes out at a 45 degree angle pointing towards the incoming kick. Making sure your foot is flexed and not pointed, this is because if your foot is pointing towards the floor and the kick is coming in hard, it is likely to go straight through the leg and get to its target. If the check is strong and the foot is flexed then there is less chance for it to reach its target and the check will be successful. You lift your leg to meet your elbow and the put it back down once the check is complete. So yeah, that’s the check.

So back to the exercise. The defender would parry parry cover, then check the kick, the second combination the defender would parry cover parry then check the incoming inside leg kick. We would do that for a length of time until the seventh person is finished doing what they were doing. For the first round we were doing… Leg kicks!!! Surprise surprise!!

We were using the heavy bag and doing 20 kicks on each leg. Working on getting the knee that your body weight was on bent and ensuring that the kicking leg was coming down to hit towards the area on the bag that a leg would be. I know that sounds daft but you would be surprised!

So after the 20 kicks we would rotate until everyone has had a go on the heavy bag then we changed the exercise. For the next one it was the same principle only it was any three punches and a body kick this time.

Now this is something that is quite important for my game, I have been told that I have a good, powerful kick, which means that while I am training/sparring, I am working on setting up the kicks if I can. So this exercise was quite useful because I got to work on both, setting up the body kick and defending it too.

I got a really good tip off one of my partners that I worked with called Hayley. She is a good fighter, I haven’t really had chance to speak to her a great deal throughout my time at Northern kings but whenever I see her on the pads, usually with her husband Simon, she always kicks the shit out of them!! She has a fight coming up in November, so I feel that, as a newbie, all these people that are ‘rising the ranks’ in NK (northern kings), I have a hell of a lot of time for the knowledge they have to give me.

But yeah, the tip she gave me, when defending the body kick, when you catch it with your left arm, if you switch it to the other side of you, pulling their leg up at the same time, then put your right arm across their chest and with your back leg flick their leg that is on the floor, they have no chance in staying up. At this point when she told me this, she was attacking, it’s a funny situation to be in with a girl when training. I know it sounds stupid but I never know how far to push, I mean, I know that they are solid and can take a punch and a punishment, but how far can you push without them thinking you’re a dick wanting to hurt them but then at the same time, you don’t wanna be a totally pussy and barely touch them because then what are they getting from that?

I don’t know, just one of those things that will come with time I guess. But yeah, it was the flicking of the leg that was the tip and I will try to implement going forward, so thanks for that Hayley!!

She asked for a shout out in the gym tonight, so I figured writing a bit about what she told me would be suffice! 😀

After that we did a little fitness session, which to be fair, Linda (Craig’s wife), was really nice to us! Usually if it was a tough session we would have to go down from 10 but we only had to go from down, 5 burpees, 5 push ups and 5 sit ups to finish.

After the run and the training session I was quite tired so had to push quite hard to finish them, I was one of the last to complete it but I did push myself to keep going.

That’s the session for tonight. Again, any questions you can either ask me on here, find me on Twitter or Facebook, @MuayThaiBlogUK on Twitter or just type Muay Thai Blog UK in Facebook and it will come up. My Twitter gets used a bit more than the Facebook, once I get a bit more used to this whole promoting on social media thing I will begin to use it a bit more but I am still working it out.

So thanks for reading, train hard!! Keep getting to the gym and pushing yourself. I know it is hard and you feel horrible at the time but after it you feel great!!

Thanks again- Dom – Muay Thai Blog UK

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