What a session!!!


What a fucking session today was!! Absolutely loved it!! I know I haven’t wrote about Thursday or Friday, I have the notes to get them written up but I will write about today’s coz I’m pretty pumped about it if I’m gonna be honest.

Today was a late starting session so there was myself and a few lads that went for a run before the class started. I managed to keep up with them for the full run, which to be honest, totally surprised me. We did about 3 miles, started from the gym and went down the quayside (in newcastle City centre), right down to the millennium bridge and back again. I was fucked!! Even before the class started I was ready to go home!!

We managed to have a little sit down before the class started and get hydrated again. We warmed up by doing some more jogging, side stepping in and out, 10 press ups, 10 sit ups, 10 squats three times round. Three rounds of shadow boxing to get the arms and legs warmed up.

Craig shouted after the warm up “Boxing gloves and gum shields in lads”… Fuck yeah!!

Started the session with some technical boxing. Which to be honest is my weakest area. So I knew this session was one to push myself in. We started with a a combination that was double jab right, then left hook right hand left hook right hand. The double jab right hand is used to get up close and in range to set yourself up for the longer combination.

The left hook right hand left hook right hand was used to make the defender get their guard up. When their guard is up we did two single shots, right uppercut straight right which lead into a double, left body left hook.

Craig had a good point in saying that, at this point the opponent is going to be throwing something back at you, so the defender was to throw a right hook, of which the attacker rolled and then did a four punch combo. Left hook, straight right, left uppercut, right hook. What a fucking combo. Loved it.

At first it took me a few rounds to get the hang of it. My partner, Mr Big Tom Brown, who deserves a special mention coz I said I would due to the fact that he was my first follower on Twitter, you can find me at @MuayThaiBlogUK , me and him have been coming roughly about the same time, I’ve maybe been coming a month or two longer than him but he had 6 weeks off due to injury but he is doing really well.

We worked on the combination together drilling it and adding on a little bit each time. It started, double jab, left hook right hand left hook right hand. Craig told us to think about them as separate combos. After the double jab right hand left hook right hand left hook right hand we added the two single shots, right uppercut straight right and then the double, left body left hook. Then we added the roll when the defender threw the right hook and then the four on the end, left hook, straight right, left uppercut right hook. After we did that for a few rounds, we switched partners and did the same drill.

The next part of the class was sparring. I love Monday sparring sessions!!

We were only to use boxing in the sparring session, we did 5 rounds switching partners in between each round. As I said earlier, boxing is probably my weakest area so I just concentrated in keeping my guard up and keeping moving, landing a few punches if I can. The main thing for me is keeping active, throwing more than just single punches and keeping my fucking mouth shut.

I am totally gassed when I am sparring, I mean, totally gasping for the next intake of oxygen. I have to have my mouth open to get enough air into my lungs but I catch a good few shots on the slack jaw and it fucking kills!! I guess I will learn, eventually. At least I know I don’t have a totally useless jaw.

After the five rounds of three minute sparring it was time to leave. And thank fuck for that. I was ready to give in!! I can definitely feel an improvement in my stamina/endurance since my starting training but I know I have a long long way before I can begin to fight.

I’m not in any rush to fight. I mean, I set out training to just get fit and meet some new friends, which I have done (or in the process of doing), but after I have accomplished that, only when Craig sees fit then will I ever want to take the step to get in the ring. I wanna be more than ready when I do though. I have about 10-15kg to lose to get down to a half decent weight but of that, it will be a long painful process!!

On another note, it was a big weekend for Northern Kings! We had a few fighters fighting this weekend and from what I have heard they were absolute wars!! First of all Mick Terrill fought in Geneva in Switzerland in SuperKombat and won!! When I get on the computer back home I will add the video from YouTube if I can. It went through all the rounds and he won on decision!

There were three of the lads fighting at Unity 3, Juan Cervantes, Gary Laws and Ben Ashby. Two of the three fighters won, Juan won an absolute WAR!! He went the full five rounds after taking a brutal elbow to the face which dislodged his eyebrow flesh. The lad he was fighting was a polish lad who was fighting out of a gym in Leeds, he took a flying knee to the chin which cut him up too!! I will add photos when I get back home on the computer so you can see.

Gary was fighting for a title, of which he won too and it was Ben that lost. The lad who was fighting Ben had apparently studied the way that Ben fought and won on points for the clinching side of the game.

I will add the photos and videos when I get back home so you can see them but I think that wraps it up for tonight. I will go home, have a protein shake and get myself off to bed and ready for another training session tomorrow!

Again, any question give us a shout, I have now made a Facebook account so you can keep a track of it on there and also and Twitter of which I will add the links so you can like and follow. Any questions about our training or anything really give me a shout and I will be sure to get back to you.

Thanks for reading!! Peace!!

Dom – Muay Thai Blog UL


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