Wednesdays session!!

What’s up everyone!!

How’s it going? Mid week over the hump now, downhill to the weekend now!!

Managed to get two sessions in tonight. One strength and conditioning and one thai class. Was a good solid two hours working.

For strength we warmed up by doing dislocates, pull aparts and wall squats. Dislocates are done with a plastic pipe, hold it double shoulder width apart and go over your head and right behind your back. This works on the flexibility of your shoulders.
Pull aparts are done with a rubber band, a big rubber band, not one you would use to hold a bunch of letters together. Hold it again between shoulder and double shoulder width apart and do what the name says really, pull the band apart. This works the shoulder again but is more or a strength exercise. Wall squats, you face the wall and put your arms out wide with your palms facing the wall, it’s all about keeping a good posture, your back straight and your knees out wide. We did 10 of each 3 times round.

After that we worked a little more on the wall squat. Not with your hands out wide this time, we had our hands above our heads resting on the wall, and same principle, keeping your back straight and knees wide. This works your upper back and on your flexibility of your shoulders.

For the technical side of the strength class we work on above head squats (I’m sure that’s not the name but fuck it :D), we worked first of all with the plastic pipes we did the dislocates with, holding the pipe above our heads but in line with our spines. Keeping it there we would go down into the squat position, keeping your back straight and making your knees go out wide. After we got the general gist of it down, we then went onto weighted bars, so we did 2 sets of 5 with an 8kg bar then we did 2 sets of 5 with a 20kg bar. Again, the biggest challenge of this lift, is keeping the bar in the right place just above your head but not so much that it goes over your back and not so far forward that it if in front of you when you squat.

After that, Craig said the dreaded words “right, that’s enough of the technical stuff, let’s get you tired.” Now for all the people who have trained with me. They know I moan something fucking rotten. Not intentionally because I do enjoy it really, I just like a good moan. The exercise was using kettle bells and doing push ups.

We partnered up and got ourselves a designated set of kettle bells. I got an okay card if I’m totally honest. It wasn’t too bad. It was two 16kg kettle bells. So what we had to do was have them resting on our shoulders with our elbows up and supporting them. Like you would hold a bar for a press but obviously with kettle bells. We squat and then strict press them up. It is sort of the motion that you would do with a medicine ball if you are throwing them up against a wall. So squat down, as you come up, press the kettle bells up and bring them back down to your shoulders and go back down into the squat.

Our partner would do one press up for each rep we did of our exercise. We had to do 10 reps 3 times round. It doesn’t sound like a great deal but fuck me, it was absolutely horrific on the second and third time round. At this point I was thinking, awesome, technical exercise, done. The more strenuous exercise done. I was all ready to go don the wraps and glove and ready to get into the class but oh no… Ohhhh no!! Glanced over to the clock and we still had 15 mins left of the class.

The next part of the class was quite fun actually, we had to do forward rolls, jumping forward rolls and then head and hand stands. One of the lads said “oooo rolly pollies” ha ha, which is pretty much what we were doing, brought back a little bit of the childhood! But then Craig, because he has a bit of a fetish for seeing us all suffer, he made us do a jumping forward roll, into a burpee, then another forward roll into a burpee and well you get the picture!!

After that we worked on the head stand, we would get ourselves into position, which is your hands and head to make a triangle, bring your knees to your elbows and rest there for a moment until you get your composure, if you could at the point, bring your legs up so they are vertical. This works your core, arms and shoulders in supporting your own body weight. To finish the class off we did handstands against the wall and if you could go down and do a push up you would have to do that. Now weighing in at nearly 95kg and having done what we have done in the class, I did struggle with that but I did manage to get three or four reps of the press ups. Much to my relief it was time to finish the strength class.

For the Thai class today we worked the body kick and getting the timing right. At first we partnered up, one of us has thai pads and one of us had gloves on. The one of us with pads had to be out of range of the attacker, being unpredictable in their approach, walk in and you would have to body kick them across the body to stop them.
You would think this is easy but timing is important and the positioning of your leg when you kick. You would have to time it so when they were just getting into range you would kick, again, like I said yesterday with your shoulder and hips facing the direction you are kicking, so if you are kicking with your back leg, you are kicking in a leftward motion, so your hips and shoulder would be facing left.

Next, same guy holding the pads, he would walk in so far, the attacker would jab, the pad man would throw a left hook back at you, the attacker would bounce back on his back leg to then come forward and finish with a right body kick. It wasn’t the most difficult of drills but it was all about getting the timing and the technique right. We then swapped and let the pad man have a go at defending.

Next, we were drilling the same kind of exercise one for one. We both had gloves and shin pads on, this is where the timing came into play really. One person would be coming in and doing a one two combination, for those of you who don’t know what a one two combination is (where the fuck have you been hiding!!), is a jab with your lead hand, then a cross with your back hand. Making sure when you jab, that you keep your chin down and covered by your shoulder and your right hand covering the right side of your face.

So, the one two combination, the defender had to time the body kick just right to get the kick to hit the ribs of the attacker to stop him, what we were doing on the pads but in a fight situation. This was more difficult than I thought it was going to be. The way Craig described it was, if you are parrying the jab then you have already missed your opportunity for the kick to land. As soon as you see the jab coming, that’s when you have to throw your leg into their ribs, purely because if you do it right, neither the jab or the right (or left if you are Southpaw) will have a chance of getting you because your leg is across the body and your head is slightly off the centre line.

We did that for a little while, switching partner ever 3 or so minutes. To finish the class. We had to do, what Craig absolutely loves, fucking burpees. I’m not a fan of burpees, if anyone tells you they like burpees they are lying. Fact. He likes to squeeze them in wherever he can, so surely enough he said, “to finish off lads, get 20 burpees done and we can call it a night.” Well fuck me, after the strength and the Thai class, I was totally knackered, I was glad to be getting out of there, onto the train and get writing this for you all.

That’s pretty much what we did, I’m in the process of writing a little something about my experiences so far and what is running through my head while training, my first ever experience in the gym.

I’m wearing of the fact that I’ve been droning on for ages now, probably boring the shit out of you all in the process but if you’re reading this and are still awake, congratu fucking lations ha ha. You know where I am if you have any questions or suggestions about what I write about or what I should write about, drop me a line. You can find me on Twitter at @muaythaibloguk , this is where I will be posting motivational pictures and posts and stuff. I haven’t set up a Facebook for this yet and I may do in the future depending on how much traffic ends up coming through

That’s it for tonight. Peace!!


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