Training tonight 31/10/2014

What’s up!!

How’s it going. Happy Halloween everyone! How you spending yours?

I spent mine working and training… Standard!! The training session was a relaxed one tonight. Me and a lad from the gym called Liam went for a three mile run before the thai session because it didn’t actually start until 6.30 so we were there for about half 5 so decided to do three miles.

He is training for a fight so is canny for at the minute. It was the same run as we did on Monday, I found it just as hard and tiring!! He seemed to just sail it! About a mile in I was absolutely dying but part and parcel and the main reason I am doing it is to learn to become accustomed to feeling uncomfortable. Because I have heard that you never actually stop being uncomfortable you just learn to accommodate the feeling and learn how to deal with it. Becoming mentally strong against the pain.

After the run we went into a stretch and warm up (not that we needed to warm up anymore) in the thai session. Tonight’s session was canny really, a decent way to end the week. We did a rotational exercise working on kicking and defending the kicks. There were 7 of us in tonight. It is usually quite quiet on a Friday, I like it because you get to work a lot more on your technique and get more time to think about what you are doing. So 6 of us were in pairs, with gloves and shin pads on, for the first drill we were doing two combinations, one two hook leg kick, the second one was right hand, left hook right hand inside leg kick. The attacker would attack… Duhhh, and the defender would defend. The leg kick you would simply check them, so it would go for the first combination, parry parry cover the hook and check the kick. If you don’t know what a check is, it is where you use your leg to block the incoming kick.

The leg you use to check comes out at a 45 degree angle pointing towards the incoming kick. Making sure your foot is flexed and not pointed, this is because if your foot is pointing towards the floor and the kick is coming in hard, it is likely to go straight through the leg and get to its target. If the check is strong and the foot is flexed then there is less chance for it to reach its target and the check will be successful. You lift your leg to meet your elbow and the put it back down once the check is complete. So yeah, that’s the check.

So back to the exercise. The defender would parry parry cover, then check the kick, the second combination the defender would parry cover parry then check the incoming inside leg kick. We would do that for a length of time until the seventh person is finished doing what they were doing. For the first round we were doing… Leg kicks!!! Surprise surprise!!

We were using the heavy bag and doing 20 kicks on each leg. Working on getting the knee that your body weight was on bent and ensuring that the kicking leg was coming down to hit towards the area on the bag that a leg would be. I know that sounds daft but you would be surprised!

So after the 20 kicks we would rotate until everyone has had a go on the heavy bag then we changed the exercise. For the next one it was the same principle only it was any three punches and a body kick this time.

Now this is something that is quite important for my game, I have been told that I have a good, powerful kick, which means that while I am training/sparring, I am working on setting up the kicks if I can. So this exercise was quite useful because I got to work on both, setting up the body kick and defending it too.

I got a really good tip off one of my partners that I worked with called Hayley. She is a good fighter, I haven’t really had chance to speak to her a great deal throughout my time at Northern kings but whenever I see her on the pads, usually with her husband Simon, she always kicks the shit out of them!! She has a fight coming up in November, so I feel that, as a newbie, all these people that are ‘rising the ranks’ in NK (northern kings), I have a hell of a lot of time for the knowledge they have to give me.

But yeah, the tip she gave me, when defending the body kick, when you catch it with your left arm, if you switch it to the other side of you, pulling their leg up at the same time, then put your right arm across their chest and with your back leg flick their leg that is on the floor, they have no chance in staying up. At this point when she told me this, she was attacking, it’s a funny situation to be in with a girl when training. I know it sounds stupid but I never know how far to push, I mean, I know that they are solid and can take a punch and a punishment, but how far can you push without them thinking you’re a dick wanting to hurt them but then at the same time, you don’t wanna be a totally pussy and barely touch them because then what are they getting from that?

I don’t know, just one of those things that will come with time I guess. But yeah, it was the flicking of the leg that was the tip and I will try to implement going forward, so thanks for that Hayley!!

She asked for a shout out in the gym tonight, so I figured writing a bit about what she told me would be suffice! 😀

After that we did a little fitness session, which to be fair, Linda (Craig’s wife), was really nice to us! Usually if it was a tough session we would have to go down from 10 but we only had to go from down, 5 burpees, 5 push ups and 5 sit ups to finish.

After the run and the training session I was quite tired so had to push quite hard to finish them, I was one of the last to complete it but I did push myself to keep going.

That’s the session for tonight. Again, any questions you can either ask me on here, find me on Twitter or Facebook, @MuayThaiBlogUK on Twitter or just type Muay Thai Blog UK in Facebook and it will come up. My Twitter gets used a bit more than the Facebook, once I get a bit more used to this whole promoting on social media thing I will begin to use it a bit more but I am still working it out.

So thanks for reading, train hard!! Keep getting to the gym and pushing yourself. I know it is hard and you feel horrible at the time but after it you feel great!!

Thanks again- Dom – Muay Thai Blog UK


What a session!!!


What a fucking session today was!! Absolutely loved it!! I know I haven’t wrote about Thursday or Friday, I have the notes to get them written up but I will write about today’s coz I’m pretty pumped about it if I’m gonna be honest.

Today was a late starting session so there was myself and a few lads that went for a run before the class started. I managed to keep up with them for the full run, which to be honest, totally surprised me. We did about 3 miles, started from the gym and went down the quayside (in newcastle City centre), right down to the millennium bridge and back again. I was fucked!! Even before the class started I was ready to go home!!

We managed to have a little sit down before the class started and get hydrated again. We warmed up by doing some more jogging, side stepping in and out, 10 press ups, 10 sit ups, 10 squats three times round. Three rounds of shadow boxing to get the arms and legs warmed up.

Craig shouted after the warm up “Boxing gloves and gum shields in lads”… Fuck yeah!!

Started the session with some technical boxing. Which to be honest is my weakest area. So I knew this session was one to push myself in. We started with a a combination that was double jab right, then left hook right hand left hook right hand. The double jab right hand is used to get up close and in range to set yourself up for the longer combination.

The left hook right hand left hook right hand was used to make the defender get their guard up. When their guard is up we did two single shots, right uppercut straight right which lead into a double, left body left hook.

Craig had a good point in saying that, at this point the opponent is going to be throwing something back at you, so the defender was to throw a right hook, of which the attacker rolled and then did a four punch combo. Left hook, straight right, left uppercut, right hook. What a fucking combo. Loved it.

At first it took me a few rounds to get the hang of it. My partner, Mr Big Tom Brown, who deserves a special mention coz I said I would due to the fact that he was my first follower on Twitter, you can find me at @MuayThaiBlogUK , me and him have been coming roughly about the same time, I’ve maybe been coming a month or two longer than him but he had 6 weeks off due to injury but he is doing really well.

We worked on the combination together drilling it and adding on a little bit each time. It started, double jab, left hook right hand left hook right hand. Craig told us to think about them as separate combos. After the double jab right hand left hook right hand left hook right hand we added the two single shots, right uppercut straight right and then the double, left body left hook. Then we added the roll when the defender threw the right hook and then the four on the end, left hook, straight right, left uppercut right hook. After we did that for a few rounds, we switched partners and did the same drill.

The next part of the class was sparring. I love Monday sparring sessions!!

We were only to use boxing in the sparring session, we did 5 rounds switching partners in between each round. As I said earlier, boxing is probably my weakest area so I just concentrated in keeping my guard up and keeping moving, landing a few punches if I can. The main thing for me is keeping active, throwing more than just single punches and keeping my fucking mouth shut.

I am totally gassed when I am sparring, I mean, totally gasping for the next intake of oxygen. I have to have my mouth open to get enough air into my lungs but I catch a good few shots on the slack jaw and it fucking kills!! I guess I will learn, eventually. At least I know I don’t have a totally useless jaw.

After the five rounds of three minute sparring it was time to leave. And thank fuck for that. I was ready to give in!! I can definitely feel an improvement in my stamina/endurance since my starting training but I know I have a long long way before I can begin to fight.

I’m not in any rush to fight. I mean, I set out training to just get fit and meet some new friends, which I have done (or in the process of doing), but after I have accomplished that, only when Craig sees fit then will I ever want to take the step to get in the ring. I wanna be more than ready when I do though. I have about 10-15kg to lose to get down to a half decent weight but of that, it will be a long painful process!!

On another note, it was a big weekend for Northern Kings! We had a few fighters fighting this weekend and from what I have heard they were absolute wars!! First of all Mick Terrill fought in Geneva in Switzerland in SuperKombat and won!! When I get on the computer back home I will add the video from YouTube if I can. It went through all the rounds and he won on decision!

There were three of the lads fighting at Unity 3, Juan Cervantes, Gary Laws and Ben Ashby. Two of the three fighters won, Juan won an absolute WAR!! He went the full five rounds after taking a brutal elbow to the face which dislodged his eyebrow flesh. The lad he was fighting was a polish lad who was fighting out of a gym in Leeds, he took a flying knee to the chin which cut him up too!! I will add photos when I get back home on the computer so you can see.

Gary was fighting for a title, of which he won too and it was Ben that lost. The lad who was fighting Ben had apparently studied the way that Ben fought and won on points for the clinching side of the game.

I will add the photos and videos when I get back home so you can see them but I think that wraps it up for tonight. I will go home, have a protein shake and get myself off to bed and ready for another training session tomorrow!

Again, any question give us a shout, I have now made a Facebook account so you can keep a track of it on there and also and Twitter of which I will add the links so you can like and follow. Any questions about our training or anything really give me a shout and I will be sure to get back to you.

Thanks for reading!! Peace!!

Dom – Muay Thai Blog UL


I’m tired after getting in tonight. I have had my shower, green tea and ready for bed. I will update you on tonights training session tomorrow!

Over the weekend I am going to do some digging into how to make the most of WordPress and make it look fucking awesome!!

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Thanks for reading everyone!! People from America, Italy and even Thailand!! Can’t believe it!! Thank you so much!!

Night all!! Peace!! Dom – Muay Thai Blog UK


A few thoughts on my experiences so far

When I’m training there is usually a few things running through my mind. One is predominantly “why the fuck am I doing this to myself” the others vary depending on what I tend to be doing during that session. I read somewhere that training should be horrible. Horrible to the point where when you finally take the step to get in the ring with someone it kind of takes the edge off a little bit. Not that fighting will ever be easy (I say that because I haven’t had a fight yet), I can imagine it gets somewhat easier as you gain more experience, as you begin to get your fight week routine down and get the nutritional side of things working for you too.

The other things that tend to run through my mind, say, when we are doing a drill exercise is breaking down every little movement that my body is doing to ensure that I get the correct compilation of muscle memory to be able to do it as a reaction rather than using a lot of my cognitive energy on concentrating on what I am doing. Making it become second nature basically, running through it that many times so you know it backwards.

The only way I can describe it in another way is because I play the guitar, when you learn a chord, it’s not easy to do. It feels totally unnatural to have your fingers pressing steel strings against the fret board which after a few hours practising begins to hurt (as training does), but as you do it more and more the easier the flow between different chords come and the easier it becomes to piece them together to make a song.

In a way I guess that’s how you could see Muay Thai, you are piecing together lots of different techniques, leg kicks, body kicks, hooks, uppercuts, teeps, the clinch, elbows, knees, combining them all to make… Well, a fucking war!!

From the time I have had in the gym, when I have watched the more experienced fighters sparring, it is a beautiful thing to watch really. The back and forth, every strike thought about and planned. Not an ounce of energy wasted on something that didn’t need to be done. They take a body kick to the left side of the body but then return straight away with a body kick and left hook.

It’s awesome, I love it. I remember in my first ever session, it was on a Tuesday. I was there a little early, I say a little early I showed up a few hours before the class because I had finished work early that day, the advanced class was on before the beginners class and oh boy was I in for a surprise.

Craig and Gordon were in the ring sparring and I shit my pants!! Craig is the owner of the gym and a retired professional fighter and Gordon is an A class fighter that has fought at lumpinee before. At that point it was a total set of mixed emotions, I am far from violent. I would do anything to avoid a confrontational situation and this world to me was totally alien. But when I saw them two in the ring, what I thought at the time was knocking the fuck out of each other, that was it… My Muay Thai journey began!!

I haven’t looked back. I can safely say that taking the step to train in Muay Thai has been the best decision I have ever made. One I wish I had made a long time ago. Saying that, because I have a lot of time to make up it just pushes me harder. In the short time I have been going to Northern Kings I have learnt so much about Muay Thai, myself and my inner strength. There is so much more to learn, one of the lads who I was training with tonight, called Tony Ellis who is also a fighter, came into the class, he had just come from another gym where he has been teaching a class.

What he said next I think will stay with me throughout my training and hopefully ‘fighting career.’ I said “you have gone from being the teacher to the student” of which he replied to me… “You will never stop being a student.” Which is so fucking true. If there is anything I have learned so far it is that there is always more to learn and I feel as though I don’t have enough hours in the day to soak up all the information I want to cram into my brain!!

Well I’m going to stop babbling now and let you get on with your day, I will update you later with the training that we got up to tonight. It’s another two hour session tonight, one hour of strength and one hour thai class. So watch this space.

Peace!! – Dom – Muay Thai Blog UK

Wednesdays session!!

What’s up everyone!!

How’s it going? Mid week over the hump now, downhill to the weekend now!!

Managed to get two sessions in tonight. One strength and conditioning and one thai class. Was a good solid two hours working.

For strength we warmed up by doing dislocates, pull aparts and wall squats. Dislocates are done with a plastic pipe, hold it double shoulder width apart and go over your head and right behind your back. This works on the flexibility of your shoulders.
Pull aparts are done with a rubber band, a big rubber band, not one you would use to hold a bunch of letters together. Hold it again between shoulder and double shoulder width apart and do what the name says really, pull the band apart. This works the shoulder again but is more or a strength exercise. Wall squats, you face the wall and put your arms out wide with your palms facing the wall, it’s all about keeping a good posture, your back straight and your knees out wide. We did 10 of each 3 times round.

After that we worked a little more on the wall squat. Not with your hands out wide this time, we had our hands above our heads resting on the wall, and same principle, keeping your back straight and knees wide. This works your upper back and on your flexibility of your shoulders.

For the technical side of the strength class we work on above head squats (I’m sure that’s not the name but fuck it :D), we worked first of all with the plastic pipes we did the dislocates with, holding the pipe above our heads but in line with our spines. Keeping it there we would go down into the squat position, keeping your back straight and making your knees go out wide. After we got the general gist of it down, we then went onto weighted bars, so we did 2 sets of 5 with an 8kg bar then we did 2 sets of 5 with a 20kg bar. Again, the biggest challenge of this lift, is keeping the bar in the right place just above your head but not so much that it goes over your back and not so far forward that it if in front of you when you squat.

After that, Craig said the dreaded words “right, that’s enough of the technical stuff, let’s get you tired.” Now for all the people who have trained with me. They know I moan something fucking rotten. Not intentionally because I do enjoy it really, I just like a good moan. The exercise was using kettle bells and doing push ups.

We partnered up and got ourselves a designated set of kettle bells. I got an okay card if I’m totally honest. It wasn’t too bad. It was two 16kg kettle bells. So what we had to do was have them resting on our shoulders with our elbows up and supporting them. Like you would hold a bar for a press but obviously with kettle bells. We squat and then strict press them up. It is sort of the motion that you would do with a medicine ball if you are throwing them up against a wall. So squat down, as you come up, press the kettle bells up and bring them back down to your shoulders and go back down into the squat.

Our partner would do one press up for each rep we did of our exercise. We had to do 10 reps 3 times round. It doesn’t sound like a great deal but fuck me, it was absolutely horrific on the second and third time round. At this point I was thinking, awesome, technical exercise, done. The more strenuous exercise done. I was all ready to go don the wraps and glove and ready to get into the class but oh no… Ohhhh no!! Glanced over to the clock and we still had 15 mins left of the class.

The next part of the class was quite fun actually, we had to do forward rolls, jumping forward rolls and then head and hand stands. One of the lads said “oooo rolly pollies” ha ha, which is pretty much what we were doing, brought back a little bit of the childhood! But then Craig, because he has a bit of a fetish for seeing us all suffer, he made us do a jumping forward roll, into a burpee, then another forward roll into a burpee and well you get the picture!!

After that we worked on the head stand, we would get ourselves into position, which is your hands and head to make a triangle, bring your knees to your elbows and rest there for a moment until you get your composure, if you could at the point, bring your legs up so they are vertical. This works your core, arms and shoulders in supporting your own body weight. To finish the class off we did handstands against the wall and if you could go down and do a push up you would have to do that. Now weighing in at nearly 95kg and having done what we have done in the class, I did struggle with that but I did manage to get three or four reps of the press ups. Much to my relief it was time to finish the strength class.

For the Thai class today we worked the body kick and getting the timing right. At first we partnered up, one of us has thai pads and one of us had gloves on. The one of us with pads had to be out of range of the attacker, being unpredictable in their approach, walk in and you would have to body kick them across the body to stop them.
You would think this is easy but timing is important and the positioning of your leg when you kick. You would have to time it so when they were just getting into range you would kick, again, like I said yesterday with your shoulder and hips facing the direction you are kicking, so if you are kicking with your back leg, you are kicking in a leftward motion, so your hips and shoulder would be facing left.

Next, same guy holding the pads, he would walk in so far, the attacker would jab, the pad man would throw a left hook back at you, the attacker would bounce back on his back leg to then come forward and finish with a right body kick. It wasn’t the most difficult of drills but it was all about getting the timing and the technique right. We then swapped and let the pad man have a go at defending.

Next, we were drilling the same kind of exercise one for one. We both had gloves and shin pads on, this is where the timing came into play really. One person would be coming in and doing a one two combination, for those of you who don’t know what a one two combination is (where the fuck have you been hiding!!), is a jab with your lead hand, then a cross with your back hand. Making sure when you jab, that you keep your chin down and covered by your shoulder and your right hand covering the right side of your face.

So, the one two combination, the defender had to time the body kick just right to get the kick to hit the ribs of the attacker to stop him, what we were doing on the pads but in a fight situation. This was more difficult than I thought it was going to be. The way Craig described it was, if you are parrying the jab then you have already missed your opportunity for the kick to land. As soon as you see the jab coming, that’s when you have to throw your leg into their ribs, purely because if you do it right, neither the jab or the right (or left if you are Southpaw) will have a chance of getting you because your leg is across the body and your head is slightly off the centre line.

We did that for a little while, switching partner ever 3 or so minutes. To finish the class. We had to do, what Craig absolutely loves, fucking burpees. I’m not a fan of burpees, if anyone tells you they like burpees they are lying. Fact. He likes to squeeze them in wherever he can, so surely enough he said, “to finish off lads, get 20 burpees done and we can call it a night.” Well fuck me, after the strength and the Thai class, I was totally knackered, I was glad to be getting out of there, onto the train and get writing this for you all.

That’s pretty much what we did, I’m in the process of writing a little something about my experiences so far and what is running through my head while training, my first ever experience in the gym.

I’m wearing of the fact that I’ve been droning on for ages now, probably boring the shit out of you all in the process but if you’re reading this and are still awake, congratu fucking lations ha ha. You know where I am if you have any questions or suggestions about what I write about or what I should write about, drop me a line. You can find me on Twitter at @muaythaibloguk , this is where I will be posting motivational pictures and posts and stuff. I haven’t set up a Facebook for this yet and I may do in the future depending on how much traffic ends up coming through

That’s it for tonight. Peace!!

Monday and Tuesday 20/10/2014 & 21/10/2014

Well here we are!! This is the first update of the training I have been doing. It has been a good couple of days training. I’ve enjoyed it!!

On Monday it was a late starting class, it started at half 7. When I finish work at 5 there is a bit of a wait until the class starts. I get to the gym for about 5.30 and base down. Have a bit of a natter for the first hour or so. When the women’s class starts I get my trackies on and get ready for a run.

6.30 I’m out of the gym door and heading down the river in Newcastle city centre. Headphones in. Not going full beans just a gentle jog. When I get down the hill and onto the flat surface down by the river I turn it up a little bit, start doing lamppost to lamppost sprints. Sprint to one, jog the next. Sprint to one, jog to the next. At this point I am beginning to feel a bit gassed.

I cover about a mile and a half to two miles. Stretching at about the mile mark to make sure I am limbering up correctly. I don’t particularly like running but I have come to terms with the fact that it is important to do so if I want my fitness and endurance to get better. If anything for me, jogging is teaching my brain to power through the uncomfortable feeling when the lactic acid begins to flood the muscles.

When I get back to the gym I get my shorts on and get ready to hit the class!! Yesterday we did a nice drill, it was fun and challenging, like most drills in Muay Thai!

We were working on getting the knees into a combination. We were instructed to do a one two hook combination and then come in with the right knee, making sure you are in range to connect properly. After we drilled that for 3 rounds of three minutes taking it in turn to attack and defend. We then upped the combination.

We were made to do any combination to ensure that the defending partner upped their guard so they were nice and covered. When they were in that position we were reaching around the back of the neck and pulling their head down to connect with the knee that was coming up at the same time. Again, one attacking, one defending for three 3 minute rounds.

After that it was do as you can. Almost a spar but working on the drill. No one person was attacking or defending. It was, if you could get it that’s what you was working toward. The hardest part I that I had to overcome was the fakes. Rolling the shoulders convincingly enough to make my partner raise their guard. It took a few tries but it began to click.

After that we did 6 rounds of three minute sparring. My favourite. It was only light sparring. Nothing too strenuous. As much as I struggle with sparring because I am quite unfit at the minute by the end of the first round I am gassed and clambering to catch my breath.

When I first began sparring I was tense, not relaxed which I have began to find myself doing now. I guess that comes with time. Not been totally rigid and having the confidence to believe in both parties. Believe in yourself that you will parry, check and return correctly and at the right time. There has been a few instances which I quickly learnt from where I dropped my hands and took a sweet right hand or hook to the jaw and that wasn’t the most pleasant of feelings but it made me learn not to do it again.

There is a lot of trial and error in Muay Thai. Or I find there is. Finding out what works for you. The instructor, Craig, obviously tells you what is required and as long as you follow the basic principle of what he says, turn your hips and shoulders and your whole body into the kick then you will be fine and you will begin to put your own spin on what you are doing.

After the sparring that drew the class to a close. We bowed to Craig and bowed “wai” to the Buddha.

Today was a more technical class and more fitness too. We did a 10 minute session on the pads and also a round of 75 kicks on each leg between a group of three of us rotating in between rounds.

I always try to position myself second in the exercise because two straight rounds absolutely kills me!! Like I mentioned before I am still really unfit. I made the mistake when I first started doing Muay Thai going all out straight away. That doesn’t mean I only go 50% for the first half, it means I still kick hard but I concentrate on my technique too. Making sure I keep my hand up while kicking, making sure I turn my hips and shoulders into the kick, swinging my hand down to get that extra bit of power into it. For the final 25 or so I go all out. Kicking at 110% as hard and as fast as I can!! I am totally fucked by the end of it but it feels amazing!!

Next in the class tonight was a 10 minute long pad session where Craig (the instructor), would call the combination that we do. I’m used to three minute rounds. Today was the first time that I have ever done more than that. I can safely say that it was totally un fucking pleasant!! It was making sure that your hands were always up and you were always in your fighting stance and tapping your feet.

It started quite nicely. Jab. One two. One two hook. Jab. One two. One two hook. For a moment I thought “hey this isn’t too bad”… Surely enough I was wrong. He totalled upped the pace by about the third minute. It was non stop for a good 45 seconds and then he would slow it down again. Teep. Knee. One two. One two hook. Uppercut. Body kick. 10 kicks. One two hook body kick knee. It was, what I thought a never ending punishment. I loved every second of it!!

After that exercise we did a push up drill. We would be in the plank ready to go into push ups. We go down, hold it until Craig says up then we go up. Down, half way up, down, hold. Then go up. The challenge is to last as long as your arms, shoulders and core will let you. Pushing through that mental state that is telling you to just drop your knees or put your arse in the air for a rest. If you failed and people were still going then you had to do burpees in the middle. I don’t know what is worse.

Surely enough the time came where I had to get in the middle and do the burpees until everyone else had finished. Much to my surprise I wasn’t the first to give in, so I was happy about that!! After that, it is finally time to take off your gear and bow to Craig and bow to the Buddha.

I quickly run to my bottle of water and drink!!

That’s a basic overview about what we have been up to over these past two days. To keep the blog a bit shorter in future I think I’m going to try and get it done daily.

I really wanna get some pictures to show you guys so if there is someone around in the gym that isn’t training I will hand them my phone and ask them to take a few pics so you can see.

Not only will I be documenting what we do in classes I will hopefully begin the cover other things too, events I go to, reviewing fights (when my knowledge gets good enough), talking about the history of Muay Thai, what certain things are and about the traditions.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. I will keep you updated regularly. I will use my time on the train home to reflect and write as much as I can while I have the free time.

Peace out. Thanks for reading. If you have a question for me, feel free to drop me a line and I will be sure to get back to you. If you have any requests for things for me to write about I am always grateful for things to keep me busy.

Thanks again!!

Dom – Muay Thai blog UK